The History of Natural Stone
Jan 15, 2019

Qurry of Natural stone Granite Mabrle

Natural Stone History Detail Information

Stone is a natural solid formation of one or many minerals. There are thousands of types of stone that have been quarried through the centuries. Quarries are located all around the world. A majority of natural stone comes from Italy, Spain, Turkey, China, India, Greece and so on.

The minerals in stone came from the same liquid and gas minerals that formed the earth. The Earth developed as a massive body of gas and liquid minerals that slowly cooled and condensed to a solid core. Through pressure, the Earth’s crust began to form and heavy minerals were forced down to the core of the Earth where they were trapped. As the crust got thicker, it squeezed around the inner core which created intense pressure and heat from within the Earth. Crystals and other solid forms began to grow from the mineral vapors that were being released. As the Earth’s crust began to expand and erode, heat and pressure pushed the solid minerals up to the Earth’s surface which formed colossal rock beds. It took up to one-hundred million years to form some of these beds. Many of the beds are now used as quarries where the stone is mined.

Most of these minerals can be identified by their color, hardness, and crystal formation. Crystals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The wide array of these minerals is often difficult to identify. Many stones look very similar to each other; however, they are all very different. Such as: Granite, Marble, Slate, Limestone, Culture stone,Basalt.

The stones born from ” The Mother Nature ” by many reactions and coming out of the land with beautiful colour, designs properties etc.Why Choose Natural Stone? The properties of this stones gives the answer of all the question marks itself. The basis and the most important properties of stones includes -:

Very hard.


Acid resistant.

etc. Marble is a metamorphic limestone which looses the fossil and other features while recrystallization. All the natural stones are mostly made of quartz-like particles called silica. some of the stones are granite, sandstone, slate, quartzite, slate etc.

There is enormous diversity of natural stones that encourages limitless designs potential. Stones are formed within the earth crust. Earth has its major contribution in variety and to enhance the creativity its provides. And this stones are having different properties, designs etc that cannot be duplicated in any form and anywhere.

Now, More and more people would like to choose the Natural stone to widely use in various places, such as the Garden decoration, Inside & Outside Building, Floowing & Walling, Sculpture, Cemetery,l even the everywhere you can thought. So, our company could supply many different kinds of stone products to all over the world, like the tile, the countertop & Granite Vanity Tops in Kitchen & Bathroom, the paving, tombstone,Marble Flower Pot,Stone Garden Fountain and so on. Only inform us you idea, we will produce anything for you.

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